your first visit  Medicine Hat, AB TA V

Here at The Ridge Spine & Sport Centre, we want to make sure that your first visit is time worthy and informative.

Many people acquire injuries at work or play resulting in time off from work or missing their past time passions. They hope time will heal their problem, but when it doesn’t they search for help. This is often where we enter the picture.

Taking a thorough history, we gain understanding of your injury, your repetitious work, or the vigor of your sport training.

Examining the area of pain, as well as neighboring areas above and below the area of complaint, provide information on cause & effect of your symptoms.

We believe that areas of dysfunction in the body lead to stress and resulting pain in these areas of compensation. The body naturally does not wish to move into areas of pain, into areas of weakness, or into areas of tightness. Avoidance of pain-weakness-tightness leads to overuse and pain in other areas of compensation.

Our goal is to accurately diagnose your problem, solve and educate you on why you acquired the problem / injury, and offer you the safest, most effective & efficient recovery techniques.

If you want to live without pain or have any questions about your first visit, contact us today at (403) 527-7447.